Anytime, Anywhere Access

Whether you’re a national broadcaster, independent station or an owned-and-operated affiliate, your business proposition is based on superior service to your community. Elastics solutions provide broadcasters a bridge to the future of video delivery while satisfying today’s distribution requirements.

Unmatched GPU Video Processing

Organizations of all types need robust video solutions that extend to a wide audience. Mixedtek provides components in a turnkey, virtualized or cloud-based deployment, resulting in unmatched flexibility, reduced cost, and faster time-to-market.

Elastics video solutions are ideally suited for internal broadcasts, remote training, location monitoring, IPTV distribution, content library conversion and global communications.


Applications virtualize

Elastics Virtualization engine uses a highly parallel processing architecture, and is Multi-GPU accelerated with CUDA or OpenCL

Parallel Computing

For ultra-high quality and intensive applications, Multi-GPU or FPGA enabled workstations and cloud servers can provide the computational power necessary to handle large scale tasks and video processing.  

Computer Vision

We are well-versed in implementing and using computer-vision libraries and standards and can help get your OpenCV apps built and optimized for your target platform.

Full Implementation

Implement your idea or algorithm quickly and efficiently.  We can start with a just a mathematical description of your problem and implement it to your performance, power, and cost specifications.  We can also compare various platforms so you can choose what best fits your needs.

3D Graphics

Elastics engine processes 2D video and outputs 3D motion data and behaviour, enabling real-time human-machine experiences across a range of industries including entertainment, retail, and manufacturing.

H/W Development

We can help design and port your algorithms to fully utilize the power of modern GPUs, FPGAs and server-class hardware.